There are some very simple ways that you can store and care for your mala beads to ensure that they remain strong and intact for years to come.


  1. When not in use or being worn, store your mala in the bag it came in.  Your bag is 100% organic cotton from India and made by the women of Ashadeep - it comes with as much love as your mala does.  Mala bags are a great way of ensuring that your mala stays clean, dry and safe.
  2. Keep it under your pillow.  Many people (myself included!) use their malas before bed and then keep it under their pillow.  This is really lovely way to keep your intention close to you, even in sleep, and a lovely addition to any lucid dream practice you may have.
  3. Oil the wood.  If you have a sandalwood or neem wood mala, you can keep the wood nourished by massaging your beds with an oil of your choice.  Sandalwood is, of course, beautiful for sandalwood beads, and an anti-flammatory oil such as Frankincense can be lovely for the neem (you can also get neem oil but please make sure that this is pure and untampered-with).  If oiling the neem wood, remember to ensure that the oil does not have a colour - unless you want to change the colour of your beads, that is!  Put just a drop on your fingers and work your way around the mala, ‘caressing’ each bead as you go.  You could even work this into your meditation practice.  ***If you’re not sure where to get hold of ethically- and sustainably-sourced, high vibration oils that would be perfect for this, drop me an email via my contact box to ask me and I can make a recommendation.***
  4. Take care of your pendants.  If you have a pendant on your mala, take care not to bash or drop it as this can lead to cracks and breakages.
  5. Buff your silver!  If your mala contains a sterling silver pendant, spacer beads or silver-capped crystal pendant, you can keep these radiant by using a silver buffing cloth (if this relates to your new piece, you will find one contained in with your mala).  Take the cloth and rub the silver as vigorously as you can (I use my thumbnail covered by the cloth to aid this) until it's shiny and new.
  6. Wash the tassel.  Tassels can become dirty and ‘fluffy’ when used a lot.  As I only use cotton tassels, it’s safe to wash these when you need to.  Wet the tassel in warm water and then take some castille soap or similar in your fingers and massage the tassel to form a soapy consistency.  Rinse well and leave outside to dry.  If it looks a little ‘fluffy’ at the ends, trim the tassel to keep it neat.  If you have a bamboo silk tassel, you can do the same but please ensure that the soap you are using does not contain any harsh chemicals - ‘eco’ brands are good, homemade is even better!  If these tassels become creased at all, place the tassel on an ironing board with a tea towel on top of it and iron the tea towel.  Take the tea towel away and you have a lovely, crease-free tassel! 
  7. Keep away from water.  With the above in mind, take care not to submerge your mala in water.  The seeds, woods and crystals might not like it very much!
  8. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!  The full moon isn’t just a time of reflection and release but also a great opportunity to cleanse your mala (or any crystals or crystal jewellery) of any unwanted energies that may have built up.  If you’re using your mala to help you through a tough time, this is especially important.  Consider it a gift from Grandmama Moon that Her light will cleanse its energy and cast off the old.
  9. Keep your mala off the floor.  Traditionally, malas, especially Rudraksha malas, should not be placed on the floor or by your feet.  Much like with any deity figure you may have, they should be placed on a platform of some kind and never directly on the floor.
  10. Use your mala!  You can prevent woods and seeds from becoming dry and lack-lustre by actually using your mala on a daily or weekly basis (whatever your practice allows for).  The oil of the woods and seeds combine with the oils in your skin to form a beautiful bond that will keep you both healthy and clear for a long time to come.


If anything does happen to your mala, beyond normal wear-and-tear, I do offer a re-stringing service of £15 per piece (this may go up if anything needs replacing) excluding postage.  If your mala breaks within the first six months, this will be done for free (please note, that this does not include any breakages to pendants that have been dropped or knocked).