I love people, and I love nature.  I believe that every action has a consequence, that we are all connected as one and that we must live as a member of a loving world, helping in some way to create this every day.  As part of my Seva (selfless service) work, I work closely with Ashadeep and regularly incorporate with UK-based charities to my outreach (see below). 

Ashadeep, India

Firstly, I work with Ashadeep, India.  Ashadeep is an organization founded in 1996 in Guwahati that works in the field of mental health in North-East India.  Ashadeep works to provide rehabilitation and care at the level of the family and the community.  Working with the families of persons with mental illness and learning challenges has also led Ashadeep to work with women who are homeless, with the ultimate aim of reintegrating them back with their families. This has extended and given a new dimension to family interventions in the field of mental health.  Ashadeep provides the women with housing and paid employment.  

I source all of my mala bags from the charity, where the women create them from scratch (the cotton is sourced from fields local to the home), and am working with them to create a collection of meditation tools such as cushions and prayer shawls.  All of these will be sold not-for-profit as my way of bringing the incredible work that these women to do a wider audience.  

You can find out more about Ashadeep via their website.

The women of Ashadeep creating textiles for Chant Malas.


UK-based Charities

Supporting UK charities has always been close to my heart.  Some of the charities who have benefited from Chant Malas collaborations and collections are as follows:

Karma Nirvana


The Worldwide Tribe

Tree Sisters (ongoing donation)

Eco Collection

As part of the Eco collection, I will be donating to five more charities.  Pop back here from 22nd April or keep an eye on my blog to see who these amazing charities are!