It is my absolutely pleasure and joy to let you know that my e-book on Mantra Meditation is now available as a .PDF.  

Since I began creating mala beads nearly five years ago, people have asked me lots of questions about mala beads and how to use them.  This guide is my way of trying to address each of those questions as best I can.  I am forever grateful to the teachers who have guided me in this practice via books and direct teaching experiences.  I don’t consider myself an teacher in this subject, just someone who has a bit of experience in it and who feels that this needs to be shared in as accessible and respectful a manner as possible.  

This guide assumes no prior knowledge of the practice but I hope that, whatever stage of your journey you are at, you can take something from it.


1.  Mantra and Mala Beads

2.  Using Mantra

3.  Creating your own Mantra Meditation 

4.  Examples of Mantras 

This is such a beautiful practice and my sincere hope is that this book inspires you to pick up your mala beads and use them for what they were created for.

Please note:

***If you purchase a mala from me (at whatever price), you will receive this free of charge.  If you purchase the book separately (please go here), the £3 will be a donation to Ashadeep, the charity that I work with in Guwahati, India (pop over to the 'Seva' page to read more about the collaboration).  Either way, the guide will be emailed to you separately as a .pdf.  This cuts down on printing/design costs and helps me to keep the book as free/donation-based.  Thank you so much for your support.***