Would you like a bundle of full personalised, 'go-to' meditations for yourself or a loved one to use at keys points in your/their life?  Perhaps you're in a career for which you have to give presentations or spend a lot of time working with others and need a toolkit to go to when you need to calm your nerves before a big meeting, manage your anxiety whilst on the tube, inspire your confidence or creativity, or to help you wind down after a long day...

If so, then this offering may be for you.  Similar to how it works with my bespoke mala beads offering, you contact me with your needs and what you would like support in and I then get to work creating one, two or a series of meditation recordings that are just for you, fully downloadable (so you can take them anywhere!).  

Please feel free to go to my SoundCloud page here to hear my voice and style.  I'd recommend doing this first - no point in asking me and then realising your can't stand my accent! ;-)


One recording:  £20

Two recordings: £35

Set of three: £50

Set of four: £65

Set of five: £80

If this sounds like something you'd like, just email me meditatewithhelen@gmail.com or pop me a line via the contact box in the bottom righthand corner of this page and let's get planning!