I have been creating mala beads with my small business Chant Malas since 2014 and have, in that time, created thousands of sets of these sacred tools both for individuals and yoga studios including Yoga Matters, Triyoga London and Bamford Haybarn (with each of whom I still work), The Life Centre London, Soul Shala,  Avalon Wellbeing and even as far afield as Michigan USA!  All of those knots mean that I am highly experienced in the perks and pitfalls of designing, knotting and creating high-quality, beautiful sets of mala beads.  Teaching fellow creative souls how to create a set of mala beads is one of the things I love most about what I do.  My workshops are full of laughter, creativity, mantra and a genuine love for the practice of japa mantra and mantra meditation.  

Over the past four years I have taught almost thirty of my mala-making workshops in numerous studios including regular workshops at the The Life Centre in London, Bamford Haybarn Spas (London and the Cotswolds) and The Yoga Factory in Essex - and even private workshops in participants' homes! - and have learnt so much from each one from timings to potential obstacles to learning.  

What is Covered...

In each session, you will learn how to create your own set of mala beads as well as how and why they work.  The theory behind the practice of mantra meditation is, to me, a crucial part of these workshops and serve to not only teach you how to use a set of these beads as part of your practice if you haven't before, but also to dive into the history and teachings behind them.  Mala beads are not jewellery - therefore these are not jewellery-making workshops - but sacred tools that have existed for generations in a number of forms across cultural and spiritual traditions.  In each session, I ensure that this is covered thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Each workshop ends with a group mantra meditation to seal our practice and  bless your mala, giving you firsthand experience of how to use your beads in your every day practice.


Group Workshops:  Please note that I am no longer running group mala-making workshops.


1-2-1 Mala-making workshops:  After much demand, I'm very excited to now be offering this opportunity!  Working with me one-to-one is a wonderful way of honing your existing skills or learning new ones in a safe space with just myself as your guide.  These sessions are perfect if you already work with crystals or are a teacher and would like to create beads for your students/loved ones/to sell and want something more personalised.  

Depending on your requirements, I can cover the two basic techniques to use in creating both rudraksha/wood malas and crystal malas with tassels and/or how to create pendant malas (we would cover the aforementioned techniques if you have not encountered these before).  

Prices start from £45ph and include everything above as well as ongoing support via WhatsApp (up to three months after our session), a list of suggested suppliers for your materials, my 'Practising Mantra' ebook to help support you in the background theory and practices.

Minimum time required for the basic techniques is around 10 hours, depending on your experience level.

All sessions would take place on a week day at my home in Hove, with food provided to keep us sustained!  The possibility of online can be explored together as it very much depends on your experiences to date (things can get a little tricky with the finer points of mala-making if it's not in-person).


Mala-making Workshop Facilitator Course:  Please go here to find out more about this exciting one-day workshop.