***Please note that the method of delivery for this has changed since I first offered if to online only, the price has gone down significantly and that this will now be a ONE-OFF offering.  See below for details***

You asked and I provided! ;-)

After a number of requests, I am utterly thrilled (and so excited!) to be offering this unique opportunity to train with me to create and deliver a thoughtful and inspiring mala-making workshop.

Having delivered nearly thirty workshops over the past four years, I have learnt a great deal about how to create and deliver an inspiring workshop in this sacred art.  Many of these lessons have come at great cost in time and personal finances and course has been designed to set you up with everything you need to deliver a successful mala-making workshop.

The course is for you if...

  • You have already tried making your own beads and would like to deepen your understanding of mala beads, mantra theory, their history and how they work
  • You have already started creating your own beads - possibly selling them to others - you know a bit about their use and would like, when the time is right, to branch out and run workshops teaching others to create their own

Mentorship Outline

This unique opportunity consists of two two hour online sessions plus ongoing training in the month following by way of a private support group and follow-up Q&A call.

To prepare for the online sessions, you will need to have created mala beads before either at one of my past workshops or by using the mala-making kits in the shop as we will not be able to do this in a focused way in the session.  This also helps to give you experience of being a participant in a workshop.  

The Training Sessions:

  • Logistics:  Timings, workshop design ideas, supplies and suppliers, knotting and un-knotting, layout and design suggestions/tips, finances and pricing, marketing your workshop, getting to and from your workshop, insurance advice
  • Theory and practice: rudraksha seeds, how to explain and incorporate the 'mechanics' of mantra and using a set of mala beads in meditation without overwhelming your participants, honouring and respecting traditions, practices and lineages, energy hygiene and creating sacred and safe boundaries for yourself and your participants, 'giving back'
  • Techniques: the basic technique for mala-making, knotting, tassels and pendants
  • Understanding your Participants: potential obstacles to learning, managing energies and creating safe spaces; keeping people comfortable; to feed or not to feed
Follow-up Support:
  • ONE one hour follow-up Q&A-style call (via Zoom) 
  • One month of support following the training sessions via a private WhatsApp group

Locations and Dates

Everything will be delivered via Zoom.

This is now a ONE-OFF offering.  Sessions will take place on the following mornings:

Saturday 27th June: 9-11am

Saturday 4th July: 9-11am



Includes tuition and all of the above plus course manual (includes my 'Practising Mantra' book as well as an extensive reading list) plus a certificate of completion at the end of the mentorship.

The manual will include the following:

  • Supplies for workshops and approximate costs
  • A list of suppliers that I know, like and trust
  • How to market
  • Timings
  • Pricings
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Psychic Hygiene and space cleansing/energy management/holding space
  • Other techniques such as adding pendants
  • All information from the Practising Mantra book that includes history, theory and practice, parts of the mala

What will need to have on the day?

Please note that we will NOT be covering anything to do with actually making or designing a mala other than possible designs for workshops, as you should have done this first using either my mala-making kits or from your own learnings and research.

If you wish, however, you may like to have a mala that you are making to work on as we are going through the sessions.  For example, I will be using one that's in progress as an example for things like undoing knots.

If you cannot pay the full price in one go, a non-refundable deposit of £40 is required upon acceptance onto the course in order to secure your place.  Please just ask if you require a payment plan.


Subsequent Opportunities

The opportunities for you upon completion of this mentorship are as boundless as your creativity.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Developing your own unique style of workshop that caters to your participant and ensures quality and respectful delivery of mantra theory and practice
  • You will have an excellent starting point for designing, creating and marketing your own high-quality, beautiful beads to sell or gift as you see fit
  • Enhancing your existing meditation and yoga practice/teaching with Vedantic and Mantra theory  
  • As the skills practised in this mentorship are transferable, you will gain knowledge of how to successfully run any workshop, crafty or otherwise :-)

Next Steps

Email me, Helen, with the heading 'Workshop Facilitator Mentorship' to request further information/express your interest/book your space meditatewithhelen@gmail.com; or you can contact me via the form in the tab below.