Welcome to the Eco Collection!

This collection has been made to…

…bring you back to the essence of your practice without the distractions of modern trends or pantone shades.

…to experiment with the use of materials that are easily renewable (on an annual or bi-annual timescale), recycled and even upcycled.

…connect with independent, small-scale artisans around the globe, supporting their work and showcasing their talents whilst ensuring that they are reimbursed for their work in a fair and timely way.

…to honour the needs of the modern society in which we find ourselves whilst maintaining close connection with and respect for the roots and practices of meditation using mala beads.

…highlight the connection between our meditation practice and the earth (and its protection): what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.

…give back to small charities doing big work.  Each design is linked with a charity and £5 from the sale of each design will go its respective charity.

The what…

In this collection I have used materials such as sustainably-sourced banyan and rudraksha seeds from India; banana leaf, recycled paper and recycled glass beads created by the mothers of Mzuribeads - a Ugandan collective of women run by four women from the community in Nadejji under strict fair trade agreements to ensure fair pay for all who work there - as well as wooden beads crafted in the North of England from recycled skateboards, beautiful ceramic pendants created by a ceramic artist in the Borders (Carlisle), bamboo and linen knotting cords, tassels made from recycled plastic bottles to name but a few materials.

The why…

This collection is an expression of my heart and the way that I see people and nature working together in a truly sustainable way.  This collection is not about ‘green-washing’ but about creation in its most beautiful form - limiting waste and damage to our Mother Earth.  Pieces are deliberately designed in small batches in order to rotate materials used and keep ideas new, fresh and seasonal.