Handmade mats from Ashadeep (for mala-making, your altar, crafting, your table etc)

As you may know know, I’ve been working with Ashadeep, a charity in Guwahati that works with women and children (and now men) with learning, social and mental health challenges who have been made homeless for a variety of reasons, for a number of years now. I won’t go into detail here as all the info is here but suffice it to say that this charity is doing incredible work to ensure that the women (who I buy these supplies from) in their care are safe and able to work in a setting supportive to their needs, which pays them fairly, directly to their own bank account and ensures that they always have a bed and food. I’m in awe of what they do and am always so thrilled to support them by buying their textiles.

The pictured mats (which don’t have to be for mala-making but anything you can think of!) are created from fabric remnants from the centre, and recycled saris.

Please note that some have black edging, some have red, please select your preference from the drop down.  Other than that, the design your receive will be chosen at random (and be totally beautiful!).

Each mat is around A3 paper-sized (297mm x 420mm).