Mala-Making Kit *PRE-ORDER*
Mala-Making Kit *PRE-ORDER* Mala-Making Kit *PRE-ORDER* Mala-Making Kit *PRE-ORDER* Mala-Making Kit *PRE-ORDER*

***Please note that preordered kits will be sent out on Monday 9th March.  Regular price is £39; preorder price of £33.15 (15% off) will be available until 14th March.  This discount has been automatically applied.***

Please note that if you would like to purchase an Ashadeep crafting mat (as seen in the videos) at a reduced cost with your kit, there is a separate listing here.  Mats are great to use in order to keep your beads clean and safe while you create your piece - I wouldn't be without mine!

I’m pleased to announce that my long-awaited (and much requested!) mala-making kits are now available for preorder.  Please select your chosen design from the dropdown menu.

Over the past six years, I’ve had a number of requests to create something like this from past participants as well as those further afield who haven’t been able to make one of my workshops.  The kits consists of everything you need to make your own set of fully hand-knotted mala beads and includes:

  • Three instructional videos and a pre-creation meditation audio
  • One strand of sustainably-sourced, undyed Rudraksha seeds
  • One nylon knotting cord
  • One cotton thread for tassel
  • Eleven gemstones (one guru and ten marker beads) for each design
  • One printed suggested layout sheet
  • One 'How to' card for how to use your mala beads
  • One handmade Ashadeep cotton bag <3 

Upon purchase, you will be sent the physical kit, which will contain a link to the videos (for preorders, this will be sent on Monday 9th March).  Please do not share this link with anyone else (please remember that I'm a one-woman show).

What does the kit not include?

  • Bead board to organise your beads (non-essential but nice to have)
  • Scissors (essential)
  • Crochet hook (non-essential but nice to have)

Colour options:

Lilac tassel (clarity and peace): Clear Quartz guru, lilac Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Snow Quartz

Turquoise tassel (love and flow):  Rose Quartz guru, Clear Quartz, Matt Amazonite, Dumortierite

Green tassel (Earth connection and grounding):  Howlite guru, African turquoise, Moss Agate, Garnet (bigger 10mm marker beads), Bloodstone